Microsoft Makes It Official Window Blue Is Now Windows 12.1

When you are really, really ticked off the lack of a Start button in Windows 8, and can't wait for the release of Windows 8.1, you only have until Oct. 18 to simply wait. Microsoft made the announcement (via The Verge) on Thursday.

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The ad, shown below, shows a hand moving a Windows icon to the left corner of the screen, in desktop function. Tapping the icon is shown to take person to start off screen. Additionally you can set up windows 8.1 to consider you to the Apps View, instead.

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Instead getting to select an app and then search if you go to the Search charm, Bing now powers an aggregated search system off of the web, your files, Sky Drive and elsewhere.

You to help increase storage on your Windows phone, you'll reason to install a microSD visa card. A 64 GB card should set you back around US$50. To set up it, power off the phone and take out the back and also the battery. Then insert greeting card into suitable slot.

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